King IV Report on Corporate Governance™ for South Africa 2016

“We are committed to the continued application of transparent, sustainable and ethical corporate governance as outlined by the King IV™ Report.”

The AYO Group recognises its responsibility in ensuring good corporate governance within the company, towards its employees, partners and the communities within which it operates. The Board endeavours to comply with applicable laws, rules, codes and standards and incorporates these in its governance to ensure the company remains committed to an ethical business model.

Key pillars that underpin both the KING IVand the AYO Board’s commitment to corporate governance:

  • Acknowledging the company’s position as a member of a wider society and its responsibilities relating to it.
  • Equal opportunity for all employees regardless of race, gender or affiliation.
  • The adoption of the “Apply and Explain” regime that dictates transparency in the application of corporate practices.
  • Ethical and effective leadership that results in trust in the organisation and its practices.

The King IV™ is periodically revised to remain an effective guide toward corporate governance. It continues to add immeasurable value in helping South African organisations conduct business ethically and inclusively and helps business leaders understand their role in building an upstanding society.

Download the report here.

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