We Realise Africa’s Business Potential.

About AYO

The AYO Group was established with the sole purpose of empowering African businesses to compete in new global market spaces. This intimately speaks to our group-wide vision of being the leader in ICT solutions and business transformation across Africa. Our vision and purpose are achieved through the lens of technology with a focus on improving our clients’ ability to build products and services that speak to the needs of a vast, dynamic and cosmopolitan continent.

About Our Partners

Our partners are carefully selected to complement the AYO family of companies. We pride ourselves on building a portfolio of partners that share our vision of a digital future in which the African continent is a major player.

AYO Quick Facts

Established in 1996

Transnational Talent Incubator

Multi-Tiered Partnerships with Global Technology Brands

B-BBEE Empowerment Credentials

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