The AYO Group empowers organisations across Africa through technology. We solve real-world business challenges through strategic partnerships that are helping to shape the future of the continent. Our services and offerings elevate processes, enrich experiences and fuel growth.

Our Services

Big Data Analytics

Leverage your data for decision-making, business strategies and process improvement.

Systems Integration

Connect legacy, hybrid, virtual and physical environments with a focus on unifying business data.


Align your internal processes and resources to meet the needs of changing business models.

Software Development

Develop and deploy the right digital tools and products for your users and customers.

Internet of Things

Connect existing infrastructure to millions of devices for a single business view.


Security governance, compliance and standardisation of complex IT infrastructures and business processes.

Cloud Solutions

Abstract your infrastructure and build hybrid, public or private cloud architectures for operational excellence.

Digital Transformation

Develop the technologies, processes and business cultures that position you to compete in the digital arena.

AYO Academy

The AYO Academy ensures our employees are upskilled, trained, compliant and conversant in current and evolving technologies.


What Kind of Leadership Does It Take to Succeed in Uncertain Times?

The date is March 24, 1944. The location, wartime Germany, Stalag prisoner of war (POW) camp. It’s the early hours before dawn. Squadron Leader Roger Bushell is leading 200 fellow inmates through an arduous and nerve-racking mission. The stakes; freedom, indefinite...

Mike Perk Discusses Digital Transformation in Africa

The buzz around Digital Transformation has never been greater. Fact is, the talk in boardrooms across the continent is increasingly focused around better using technology to improve and grow business and economies. This realization is driving greater investment...

The Letter Every CIO Wants to Write to Their CEO, But Doesn’t

Dear CEO, I know that recent years have been somewhat disruptive with technology upending once secure business models. We certainly live in both interesting and somewhat scary times. I guess the best way to describe the era we’re living in as “business unusual”. As a...

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